Amazing Skype Tricks One Should Know

Skype is a service provider that enables free calling among subscribers and also offers low-cost calling. Along with the standard telephonic calls, Skype allows file transfers, texting, video conferencing and video chat. This service is available for mobile phones, personal computers, notebooks, and tablets. Many companies have also produced dedicated Skype phones. No option is better than Skype especially when it comes to VoIP services. Group calls can be extended to 25 people.

1- You can remove all Skype Ads.

Ads are always annoying; they are the hurdle in communication. You can remove most of them by accessing to “control panel” and click on “Network and Internet.” Click on Internet options on the next page and a dialog will open up. Here click on the restricted sites and navigate to the security tab. The “Site” button will now be accessible. Enter this on next page “” and click on the add. Restart your PC and ads will be less visible now.

2- Record the calls on Skype

Like the standard telephonic calls, Skype doesn’t offer the built-in call feature, but with the help of some apps, Skype can provide the call recording feature. Free video call recorder is an excellent way to go, it is straightforward to use plus it is very light.

3- Backup Chat history

Skype has a feature of deleting chat history after a specified time; you need to back it up if you want to keep the record of your chat. Open RUN command and enter “%appdata%\skype” command and click on OK. A square box will open up, here open the folder with your “Skype ID” as the name; You may find a file named as “main.DB”, this contains all your Skype chat history. Copy and save the file somewhere safe.

4- You can also use the Skype button for Customer Support

If you own a small business organization and telephone charges are little too high. You have an option of using Skype to provide customer support. You can just get the Skype button and add it your website. Customers can now see whether you are online or offline.

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