How to Connect Echo Buttons to your Amazon Echo?

Echo buttons are very simple Bluetooth devices which connect you to your Echo devices. Once you pair a button with the Amazon Echo, then you can easily use it with routines, games and many other skills. They can provide a physical extension to an Echo to activate an extra capability where your voice might not be the best option.

However, you can easily connect each of your Echo devices in your home with maximum up to 4 Echo buttons which is very much use during the time you are playing any trivia-style games on the Echo. But by this Echo device user can do a lot more than that. Though everything about the button is very much simple and easy, for using them, you first need to get the device to connect with your Echo. And the Echo device box includes everything you need while connecting to the Echo even include batteries. Once you installed the battery successfully on your device, then pairing with it is a simple process.

Steps to connect Echo Buttons to your Amazon Echo

Simple Way of Connecting a Button

Good news for all the Echo users, Amazon made its pairing amazingly easy. You just need to follow simple steps; they are as given below:

  1. Firstly, you need to Insert Batteries into the Echo buttons.
  2. Then, ask the Echo device to “set up my echo buttons.”

Note: Always remember that you will always try to connect with the button which is available is in the range where you are planning to use that button.

  1. Alternatively, Alexa will detect the button and connect automatically with it.
  2. Now follow the on-screen prompts to continue the process.

If for any reason it doesn’t work then you can also locate the Echo button back into the pairing mode. For this:

  1. Hold and tap a button until it turns in to Orange.
  2. Then, again use the Voice Command.

Congratulations, your Echo button now successfully connected to the Echo Buttons.

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