How to Ensure Security of Your Uber Account

Online security is something you can’t compromise with, whether it is your bank detail, your pin, your email address or what so ever. It is of utmost importance to keep everything safe as it can harm your privacy if handled carelessly. Same is with your Uber account; it is equipped with your personal information, so you must keep it safe and secure. Some quirky tips are given below through which you can avoid hackers.

Why should you change your password and at what time

Passwords allow you to keep your account and information in it safe, For instance- your method of payment, your sensitive details etc. If you are struck by a hint that somebody must have stolen your password, then you need to change it right away as there is no other way out. If you have suspected any unusual activity, then change it as soon as possible without a single thought. Even if there is no such activity, you should still change it on a regular basis.

How can you change your password?

It is quite easy and quick to change your Uber password. It is pretty fast, so just change it for the security reasons or if you haven’t changed it in a while.

On the App:

  1. Directly go to the menu bar.
  2. Click settings.
  3. Click Account Settings.
  4. At the top, click on the details.
  5. Users will see the option to type a new password.

For some reason, if you can’t access your account then take help of “Forgot Password option” and reset it to a “new one”. Don’t worry if you can’t move forward, a no of articles are there to help you out.

Stay updated with your information

If any changes have been made to your account, then you will be the one to give authentication. Whenever you change the password of your Gmail account, then you get a mail regarding it if it is you or someone else. Your phone number will be needed for this or the email address you have provided already. Ensure that this info is updated regularly. Users will enjoy a tremendous uber experience.

No matter how smart we consider ourselves, prevention is always better than the cure. Try your level best not to enter any sensitive detail of yours to unfamiliar websites. Never be careless with the URL of a site, ensure that it is not fake. Follow some necessary precautions in general too, make sure that you do not provide your mailing information to strangers.

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