How to Access iBooks on Your iPad

If you want to read iBooks on your iPad, then you need to fetch iBooks in App Store. You may imagine the app is absolutely free of cost and it has access to Apple’s iBooks Store. iBook Store is a great place where you can browse or shop for books 24 hours a day. With iBooks, you carry an entire library in your palm.

How to find and download books

iBooks comes with built-in Apple iBooks Store which means that you can browse for new books and download them from the app. Here’s how:

Just go to iBooks app from Home Screen.
Click the tab. You are likely to see three options:
You will see Featured that is an ever-changing list of books.
Top Charts will take you to bestsellers.
The search will allow you to search by author, title or the genre.
Click on your required book.
Click price to purchase the book or click sample to have a few free pages downloaded.
You will see your downloaded book in My Books library where all the books are being stored.

How to remove a book from the view

Go to the cover view.
Click Choose.
Now Tap the book covers that you are willing to remove.
Click Select All.
Each of the selected books will display a checkmark.
Click cover again to detach the checkmark.
When all the books you are willing to delete have check marks, then click remove in the upper left corner of the display.
You will be asked to tap the Remove button.

How to organize books by collections

If you are equipped with a massive variety of e-books, then you may want to organize the titles. You may have a varied collection of classics, biographies and moral stories books. On your behalf, Apple has created four collections. Books for all the titles, audiobooks for iPad, PDFs for Adobe PDF files and samples. If you want to create, remove or rename a collection, then click All Books to show your current list of collections. Select from the following task now:

Adding a collection
Ensure that My Books tab is chosen at the bottom of the screen and click All Books at the top. Just Tap+New Collection and enter a name for the new collection.

Delete a collection
Click edit and red circle.

Click delete to finish it off.

If the group has books, then you will be asked to remove the contents of the collection from iPad. They are returned to their original collection if you chose not to delete them.

Moving a book or PDF to the new collection

Go to list or the cover views.

Click Select.

Click each work you are willing to move and click move.

Choose a new collection for them.

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