New NES Games for March Are Coming to Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch users would be quite pleased to know that they can now access to exclusive NES games. As promised Nintendo has featured 20 new and exclusive NES titles for its subscribers and this month players will have random available games as different regions will have separate games to access.

The West region would feature titles like Kid Icarus and StarTropics, and on the other hand, Eastern countries like Japan Feature games like Yie Ar Kung-Fu and Fire Emblem with the Kid Icarus.

Still, with the new March NES games, Nintendo has also retained two previous titles for fans to continue playing. These two titles are Zelda II The Adventures of Link and Kirby’s Adventure.

The Kirby’s Adventure includes new and much more challenging games from the previous outset, and the  Zelda II The Adventures of Link has been modified for fans to have the Link’s character stats already maxed out from the beginning of the game.

 Nintendo is eventually extending its catalog of available games as previously in the month of February Nintendo also included few titles like Super Mario Bros 2 and Kirby’s Adventure which is now being improved upon in March.

Many game reviewers and experts are observing a trend that Nintendo is including new titles on monthly bases for subscribers to enjoy NES and RPG style gaming. This theory can be considered as in the month of January also Nintendo unveiled some title for its subscribers.

In the month of January, Switch users were able to play Zelda II and Blaster Master which are also playable for new subscribers. Such regular inclusion of titles showcases that the developers at the Nintendo are underway in producing new and exciting titles for its users on a monthly bases.

This move will also help Nintendo in boosting up its in-console default games for new users and play a vital role in the promotion of the console. Moreover, it is expected that Nintendo Switch users will be able to access more upgraded titles in the future.

NES titles are one of the exclusive offerings for the Nintendo Switch subscribers, and it provides users with limited access to more than thirty games for a lifetime. Moreover, it also provides an option of multiplayer with every NES title for players to play their desired games with their friends and family.

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Any new Nintendo Switch user should avail this deal as soon as possible to get their hands on more than 30 different games and enjoy there gameplay on their brand new Nintendo Switch device.

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