Fallout 76 Beta: When and How to Get it

Bethesda Game Studios recently announced that the Fallout 76 Beta will be released towards the end of October. This news has come as a great relief to players who are still itching to try their hand at several multiplayer features of Fallout 76.  The developer has not yet clarified until when the beta will be Read more about Fallout 76 Beta: When and How to Get it[…]

How does Dark Mode work in MacOS?

Good news for every Mac users, now you all can get a system-wide dark mode with the MacOS Mojave, although Windows 10 has long had this color-switching capability. However, the built-in dark mode turns your Windows black, changes its text and icons into some lighter colors and also makes everything appear more shadowy. If anyone Read more about How does Dark Mode work in MacOS?[…]

How to Transfer iBooks to PC with IOTransfer?

This article will let know the simplest way to transfer iBook from an iPhone to a computer using iPhone transfer software called IOTransfer. This transfer software gives you the ability to transfer any books between iPhone and PC with just some clicks. Thus, it allows you to move all books (as well as all the Read more about How to Transfer iBooks to PC with IOTransfer?[…]

Amazing Skype Tricks One Should Know

Skype is a service provider that enables free calling among subscribers and also offers low-cost calling. Along with the standard telephonic calls, Skype allows file transfers, texting, video conferencing and video chat. This service is available for mobile phones, personal computers, notebooks, and tablets. Many companies have also produced dedicated Skype phones. No option is Read more about Amazing Skype Tricks One Should Know[…]

Know How to Fix McAfee error code “0”?

McAfee is a popular antivirus security software. It helps you in protecting your computer system against viruses or malware. It destroys and removes all the viruses that have sneaked through the security system. McAfee antivirus software blocks all of your computer viruses by using the automatic crawler which scans all the internet files which identify Read more about Know How to Fix McAfee error code “0”?[…]