Updating Game Consoles Before Giving Them for Christmas!

Even if you’re not a gamer, still you may be excited to know the reason behind why we’d suggest you unwrap your kids game console and then for setting it up to set it up correctly and then to wrap it again for them to open on Christmas Day.

Not only do the game consoles on themselves need updates but also the games that we play on them need updates. I suggest that a good day for console updating shall be an arbitrarily chosen weekday in the middle of the year when network traffic is at a low point. And a lousy day shall be, for instance, a Christmas day because at that time millions of people around the globe get Christmas presents, plug them in resulting in slamming the game maker’s networks with requests for updates. What could have been anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours’ worth of updating on a daily day will not be at all on Christmas Day only because of the high level in increased traffic.

Keeping the above thing in mind, let’s look at how you can best accomplish this task.

  1. Hiding The Updating Process-
  • If by chance you want to hide the update process from your kids and you know that your kid’s game network login and password then don’t update the console.
  • It is very general for the electronic devices to send automated messages. To avoid that first look at the console whether it will get updated without being logged into the given profile. However, if it doesn’t update without being logged into a given profile then create a profile for yourself.
  • Although, there are plenty of pay services on the latest gaming networks all of them lets you make an account for free of cost. Utilize that profile to do all the updating, and if you gift the console, then you can use that profile to play with the kids.
  1. Downloading And Updating Games-
  • If you need to go all out, you not only need to update the console but also download any games and then apply any updates that are available.
  • Just like the console requires updates the games often have updates too.
  • Note that you can also take this time to copy the console’s internal hard drive if your console supports such a thing.
  • Many game consoles, especially when you purchase holiday bundles, come with voucher codes for games. These vouchers are for specific games or else provide the capability to pick one out of three available games or the like.
  1. Updating Via USB On Christmas Day-
  • For instance, both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One supports USB based updating. While over the network updates are preferred, you can do downloading current updates to a USB drive and then keep them in advance for Christmas day.
  • In this way, you can preserve it to open it for a fresh new console and then still have a method to do updates that aren’t network dependent.

Hope, this blog would have been helpful for you.

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